Masterclass Participants

  • An incredible Masterclass today! Powerful resources for the NGO Leader!  Thank you!
  • I’m taking notes on boundaries. Love the suggestions being given
  • I definitely need to make boundaries with certain situations
  • Yesterday’s one was hitting home!
  • As we speak I am in that situation, many things going through and some are caused by what exactly was shared yesterday, failing to set boundaries!
  • I would say after the class I have identified some situations to tackle! Hope to have positive testimony with great developments! Thanks, Sheryl & Steve
  • I was impressed yesterday during the training. I used breathing exercises before & after training & the result was phenomenal.I thank Steve & Sheryl Puterman for empowering us with this powerful information
  • From this Masterclass, I have managed to create space for myself to rest. I have created boundaries. This has enabled me to be effective. Thank you Steve & Sheryl for instilling the knowledge in us.
  • Thank you so much, I needed today’s session