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I’d like to strongly recommend Sheryl’s services for anyone who is battling challenges with food & eating issues – and yes, even if you think you’re a lost and hopeless case, dealing with food issues, again and again, day after day, year after year, or even decade after decade – as I was – this path can help you.
Truly overcoming eating issues can be done in two ways – the long way, or the long way 😉 We’ve all looked to the next diet, the next “guru” or program for salvation. Working with Sheryl was not the first time I took a deep dive inside of myself – but it was the first time that I learned how to trust myself, connect deeply with myself, and understand how *this* was the road to healing my compulsive, destructive behaviors with food.
This is not a quick fix. Sometimes we need more time to try the yo-yo diets. But if you’re ready to truly love yourself, accept yourself with patience – and from THIS PLACE heal your relationship with food (and many other areas of your life!) – then it’s time to work with Sheryl. It was an investment that I never regretted; it was even a challenge to let go because I enjoyed every session I had with Sheryl.
She has a truly special soul and can guide you through this process in a loving way that also achieves results. Along the way, you may discover wonderful things about yourself that you never imagined. Oh, and beware…. in healing your relationship with yourself and with food, don’t be surprised if other miracles occur 🙂 Thank you for everything Sheryl.