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Andie Novenstein

As a young adult in college, body image and my relationship with food are issues that I deal with a lot. In college, it can be very difficult to find healthy and nutritious food causing me to gain weight and feel bad about the way my body looks. Taking the master class on the Nourishment Vitality website I learned so much about how to handle and heal my relationship with food and feel more positive about my body image. The course was very easy and efficient to access. The course is broken down into different videos and can be accessed at any time making it very easy to utilize anywhere at any time. Through this course, I gained sustainable strategies to deal with my relationship with food no matter where I am in the world. Additionally, I learned a lot about self-forgiveness, compassion, and kindness. I am grateful that I took this masterclass and can take these strategies and life lessons with me into my daily routine.