Meet Nourishment Vitality’s Co-Founders

Sheryl Puterman Nourishment Vitality Wellness

Sheryl Puterman

Internationally trained & certified Mind Body Nutrition & Wellness Practioner, an expert in stress relief, anxiety management, and conscious relationships.

An author, internationally acclaimed speaker, with over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry. Sheryl has conversed with A-list celebrities, from Dr. Phil to Gabriel Macht, and has spoken in front of many businesses and conferences at a local and international level. She’s taken these skills and experiences to create an authentic, shame-free space that fosters personal growth.

Sheryl and her family were victims of the 2004 Asian Tsunami, which drove her head first into the world of stress management and wellness. This life-changing event gave her a very deep understanding of life stressors and human vulnerability.

Nourishment Vitality’s education platform, online courses & coaching-helping you transform your stress into wellness success

Steve Puterman

A 30+ years Internationally experienced businessman skilled in negotiation, analytical skills, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and business development.

Steve understands the tremendous strategic importance for corporations, groups, and individuals to have the correct strategies, structure, and systems in place to ensure their ecosystems and lifestyles provide a productive and healthy environment.

When we talk about mental wellness, we are not just focusing on our mental or cognitive functioning, but also our emotions, our social relationships, and our ability to function in daily life.

When we are not able to really show up mentally, emotionally , and physically in our personal & professional lives because we may be overstressed or under a lot of pressure, it affects everyone and everything – production, creativity, morale, performance, job satisfaction, & the pursuit of happiness.

Having worked on 3 continents, Steve has incorporated into Nourishment Vitality an approach that is grounded in smart science and results driven strategies.