Dynamic Eating Psychology

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Dynamic eating psychology recognizes that our eating challenges are intimately connected to ALL of what makes us human. Relationships, family, work, money, sexuality, spirituality, our search for fulfillment, and much more.

Dynamic Eating Psychology a positive, empowering, compassionate, and transformational approach that’s designed for anyone who eats. This is an approach to our food challenges that honors all of who we are as eaters’ body, mind, heart, and soul!

Dynamic eating psychology is for everyone. It affirms that your relationship with food and your body holds the most important lessons on your journey to transformation, you just have to choose to listen.

By committing to the inner work and channeling your inner genius, you discover the path to well-being that’s right for you. Understanding your eating challenges and body issues is a doorway to greater teaching that results in the kind of insight that leads to true transformation. You step into the best possible version of who you came here to be in this world.

deeper understanding of oneself

Nourishment Vitality combines many of the best strategies from nutrition, science, and eating psychology. We focus on what is right for YOU and YOUR needs around these issues.

Together, we break through the surface of these issues to deeper understand and explore why you behave this way around eating and food.

“The only way out is in. Your story matters “

In other words, the deeper you dig into the truth of your story, the larger the transformation you’ll experience.

Nourishment Vitality enables a permanent shift and sustainable change

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