Relationship Stress & Conflict
It Takes 2 To Tango

Relationships are all about give and take.

Its ok to bend with the wind sometimes. That is the nature of the dance.

Nourishment Vitality “Your-Less-Stress Address” is for teens through to adults.

Human beings are social beings, and we are usually interacting with other people every day of our lives. Often, our happiness depends a great deal on how the interactions with each person turn out. This is especially true of those whom we care about. This makes relationship stress & conflict resolution such an important theme.

These relationships may include:

  • Our close friendships,
  • Our family relationships,
  • In marriage or other romantic relationships,
  • At work with our colleagues, bosses, clients and associates
  • On campus or at school with our study buddies, teachers, & lecturers
  • All those normal day-to day interactions at the supermarket, on the train, with your dentist, gym instructor, neighbors etc., and that only scratches the surface.

So, the bottom line is … Relationships are unavoidable

As long as you’re alive, you’re in a relationship with yourself, with something or with someone. Therefore, it’s an inevitable part of the human experience and we need to “get it!!” …it is an important concept to embrace.

Stress is a major factor in our relationships too, whether from outside or within. Stress from within, such as a lack of clear communication, can cause relationship stress and conflict in the bat of an eye. Life is undoubtedly stressfull. Many of us worry about our health, our finances, our careers, our debt our relationships, and so much more.

If we do not deal with the stress of day-to-day life, it inevitably can spill over into our relationships with everyone else, and become a base cause of relationship stress.

So how is your experience with dealing with the stress of life? ,and is this creating conflict in any of your relationships?

One of the privileges we have as humans is the ability to communicate with one another in deep and meaningful ways. No other living creatures have the ability to relate with one another on the level that humans do.

Stress effects relationships

While each personality we deal with is unique and presents its own challenges, managing the myriad of relationships requires us to consciously observe the process and impact of our interactions.

This way we continue to gain knowledge, understanding and experience in developing relationships in a positive way. Stress can affect any or all of our relationships.

Stress from outside a relationship can manifest inside that relationship if the stress is not compartmentalized. We need to recognize that stress caused by events outside a relationship must be left at the door.

How are you dealing with this right now? Do you manage to maintain healthy boundaries? Do you talk through the issues and find empathy and compassion?


Are the interactions filled with anger, malice, resistance, pressure, silence, blame, withdrawal and heartbreak? We could go on, but I am sure that you get the picture, and it may not be pretty.

Are you ready to change the narrative and take a deeper dive?

Isn’t it time to start asking yourself some important questions?

  • How can I learn how to listen and communicate my needs more effectively?
  • How can I form safe boundaries in my relationship and what does this really mean?
  • How can I be more loving, caring, understanding and attentive to myself, to my own feelings through times of conflict?
  • So how can I learn to handle conflict in my relationships in a healthy manner?

Sometimes we can deal with the relationship stress ourselves. We have the tools, we know how to use them, and despite the pressure, we can keep a cool head.  However, this is not always the case.

From my many years of experience, I have realized that to have good management skills in relationships, we need to be assertive and honest in sharing our thoughts, feelings, and concerns. However, this needs to be done in a way that does not provoke the other party but is instead respectful and encourages both parties to listen to each other.

That’s why Nourishment Vitality has created this structured and research-based online course for YOU to access from the comfort of your space, or wherever is comfortable for you.

At Nourishment Vitality we understand what it’s like to want to start making changes & doing the things that will lift the weight of relationship stress. We want to help you experience more harmony, and allow for more positive relationships in your life.

Not everyone has the option to be somewhere in person, nor is it the best learning style if it’s adding stress to your day. You deserve to have the guidance and solutions to help you finally feel the way you want to feel.

You’ll receive unlimited access to professionally created & engaging videos and audios. Most of all, you’ll have the tools to bring harmony and happiness back into your life and keep your relationships healthy for the long run.

Sheryl Puterman Nourishment Vitality Wellness

About NV

Who am I and why am I talking about Stress & Conflict in Relationships?

I’m Sheryl, an internationally trained and certified Mind-Body Wellness & Stress Practitioner. I am also an expert in stress relief management and conscious relationships.    TESTIMONIALS/REVIEWS LINK

I’m also a wife, & mother of two beautiful sons. I have lived on three continents, have overcome a dysfunctional relationship with food, survived a tragic natural disaster (2004 Asian Tsunami), and have travelled & spoken all over the world.

While I do have many years of formal training under my belt, I know my true expertise comes from being an authority in the university of life.

It has all led to me working with some of the most common challenges with stress relief and various other stress-induced health conditions. I meet with people regarding relationships, healing, body image, stress eating, and personal growth. Do you know what all of those are affected by…STRESS?

Here’s what to expect in this course:

  • You will learn to identify your key relationships,
  • How stress is impacting them and what you can do,
  • How to experience more harmony in your relationships with others and yourself.
  • How to better understand and relieve conflict in your relationships
  • How to create a harmony that benefits your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • How to better identify your needs and desires in your relationships and become a stronger advocate for yourself
  • How to set boundaries in a way that is supportive of you, decreasing your stress, and also strengthening relationships.
  • Will also go into the fear and experience of loneliness and learning to be in a stronger relationship with yourself first before seeking to fill loneliness with dependence on other people and what they bring you.

Here’s what you get: 

1. Actionable Steps

Truly actionable steps laid out for you in guided video lessons to get you started right away.

2. Science-based Approach

A reality-based, science-based approach to recognizing the way stress impacts your mind and body and what you can do about it now.

3. Personalize to your Lifestyle

Reflective questions, prompts & exercises that you can work with and personalize to your lifestyle that will help you create harmony and lay the foundation for healthier & happier relationships.

4. Easy Listening

Audios of all the lessons to listen to when you are out exercising, commuting, or relaxing.

5. Relaxation Response

Guided recorded exercises and PDFs to strategically relax your entire nervous system and train your mind to default to the relaxation response rather than stress.

6. Easy Listening

Audios of all the lessons to listen to when you are out exercising, commuting, or relaxing.


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