Optimize Life
Transforming Stress to More Success

Have you ever fantasized about packing a bag, jumping in the car, and just driving until you can’t drive any longer?

Or, have you stared at the calendar, wondering when you’ll have the time and $$’s for that next vacation…but then spent any vacation time or time off just recovering from your life?

Is the thought of anyone needing one more thing from you right now enough to want to hide, yell, snap, or cry?

Yet, somehow you keep hanging in there…

Somehow you manage to pull yourself out of bed and follow the schedule…for now.

The thought of letting others down or being seen as not caring, or burnt-out, or incapable is the last bit of fuel keeping you going.

The world you knew, the one you worked in so hard to build up your career and lifestyle, may have been pulled out from under you over this last period of time. To add to this uncertainty, you have no way of knowing what the future holds.

You might feel kind of stuck, with feelings of fatigue, depression, anxiety, and lethargy more present than ever before.

If you feel that pit in your stomach at whatever demand is coming your way, You, my friend, are in a chronic state of stress. And it’s more important than you know, to address this NOW, before it becomes the dominant factor that defines your entire life.

chronic stress

You deserve more, and more is possible. You have more control than some may have you thinking. Transforming stress into more success is possible. It is possible for you!

So, if you’ve noticed you’ve felt, stressed, wired, blah, low in energy, spacey, unfocused, and unwell overall, there’s a really good reason.

That feeling, those symptoms, that drudgery you’re feeling…it’s a constant low-level stress response in your body at all times. So the work you have to do feels almost impossible some days because stress has barged in and changed the way you think, eat, sleep, and focus. 

And that’s why I’m here to help… TESTIMONIAL/REVIEWS LINK

As a stress-relief practitioner, I teach you how to do so much more than ease the stress in your life. I show you how to transform stress into success. How to take that energy and turn it into focus, productivity, ease, and joy. 

You’re here to do more than just get by…

teaching about stress

No matter your current schedule, no matter how much work is on your plate while you also navigate the uncertainty, I’m here to help.

watch this video and learn more about the course transforming stress into more success

Let’s do a quick stress assessment to be sure: 

  • If I handed you a magic wand right now that could remove anything you wanted from your life without any financial consequences whatsoever, what would you remove?
  • If you could rate your satisfaction with where you are in your career right now on a scale of 1-10, where would you rate it based on how things are going now?
  • If you didn’t give yourself at least an 8, what are you wanting to change? What do you think has been in the way of you making those changes?
  • Now, think about your personal life, your relationships, your hobbies, all the things you wish to do, go see, and try out? What rating would you give it all?

How many tens did you give yourself? If there are no tens, let’s keep talking…

Behind every physical and psychological symptom is stress. 

Behind every unwritten book, unpursued project, unrealized dreams, dissatisfying relationships, painful conflict, struggles with food and body is stress.

Stress is so much more than that feeling you get when rushed or facing a deadline. 

  • It’s the fear you feel of your future security or the future of your loved ones
  • It’s the self-doubt you feel about being able to make your actual dreams happen
  • It’s the sense of dread you feel every time you wake up and don’t want to face the day
  • It’s the lack of rest and relaxation you experience for every night you lay awake a little longer, overthinking or simply scrolling through your phone to avoid sleep
  • It’s every time you struggle to make a decision about what to do
  • It’s the panic you experience when you realize how much you still haven’t pursued
  • It’s whenever you receive criticism (from yourself or others)
  • It’s the longing for yet not fully receiving connection and intimacy
  • It’s loss, grief, pushing through, pretending, putting on a fake smile, forcing your body to get by, staying stuck indoors, missing out…
the stressors of life

When it comes down to it, stress is the number one prohibitor of joy, life satisfaction, and career growth.

…I know it’s tempting (and often too easy) to accept that stress is the way it has to be. When you do that here’s what happens…

  • You completely zap your energy and immune system, setting up your body for serious illness
  • Everything you keep saying you’ll do will always be talk rather than action because stress has robbed you of the energy and inspiration to do anything different
  • Your relationships suffer because you’re unable to show up fully as yourself. Instead, you’ll find yourself in more conflict and even isolating from others.
  • You lose track of who you are, what you love, and all the things you used to dream about as a kid…until it’s too late to make them happen.
  • You turn to food or turn against your body, eating emotionally or even completely depriving yourself of food and the needed stress-relieving nutrients
  • …and so much more

How long can this go on? How long are you willing to let it go on?

Because, even when you can’t control the external stressors in life, you can teach your mind and body to become stress-resistant and resilient.

You can turn stress around and make it work FOR you.

That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in the course: Optimize Life: Transforming Stress into More Success

resiliance is key to success

Here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll transform stress into the energy to stop procrastinating on what you know you want to be doing, and start taking smart steps to moving your goals forward
  • You’ll have the clarity of mind to know what it is you want in your career, your relationships, and in your life…and start making major changes NOW
  • You’ll experience newfound energy to act, to make important connections, to get much-needed free time, and to start living your life in ways you’ve been putting off for “later.”
  • You’ll find the constriction of stress lifting from your body, mind, and spirit which has the natural effect of opening up opportunities your stressed mind wouldn’t allow you to see before.
  • Your body gets to feel rested, cared for, and healed
  • Transforming stress into more success becomes a reality

transforming stress into energy

Here’s what you get: 

1. Actionable Steps

Truly actionable steps laid out for you in guided video lessons followed by downloadable PDFs to get you started right away.

2. Science-based Approach

A reality-based, science-based approach to recognizing the way stress impacts your mind and body and what you can do about it now

3. Personalize to your Lifestyle

Different blueprints you can work with and personalize to your lifestyle that will help you optimize your life, relationships, and career.

4. Transforming Stress

Specialized approaches to transforming stress in all life areas.

5. Relaxation Response

Guided recorded exercises and PDFs to strategically relax your entire nervous system and train your mind to default to the relaxation response rather than stress.

6. Easy Listening

Audios of all the lessons to listen to when you are out exercising, commuting, or relaxing.

This course on transforming stress is more than stress relief.

Stress relief teaches you simply how to manage the stress you’re facing. I’m going to teach you how to face it and transform it into something else. Something that puts energy and passion back into your daily life.

transforming stress into something else

Who am I and why am I talking about Stress?

I’m an internationally trained and certified Mind-Body Wellness & Stress Practitioner     TESTIMONIALS/REVIEWS LINK

I’m also a wife, &  mother of two beautiful sons. I have lived on three continents, have overcome a dysfunctional relationship with food, survived a tragic natural disaster (2004 Asian Tsunami ), and have traveled & spoken all over the world.

While I do have many years of formal training under my belt, I know my true expertise comes from being an authority in the university of life.

It has all led to me working with some of the most common challenges with stress relief and various other stress-induced health conditions. I meet with people regarding relationships, healing, body image, stress eating, and personal growth. Do you know what all of those are affected by….STRESS

follow your dreams

I created this course on transforming stress because unresolved and unacknowledged stress is the root cause of most symptoms and struggles within ourselves. It also impacts your relationships with others, your energy to pursue your passions, your performance at work, and more. 

I’ve personally felt the effects of deeply held stress in the body. My family and I survived the 2004 Asian Tsunami.

The way this traumatic event impacted my mind and body was the leading catalyst that inspired me towards my studies and expertise in the science of stress, mindfulness, and various breathing modalities.

These studies further led me on my path of discovering results-focused and cutting-edge ways to heal, and actually turn the stress into something I could use for good.

It was only through a commitment to doing the inner work covered in this course that I found a way out and really began to shift in my beliefs and actions.

Today I live in a body that I appreciate and that I respect, and have a completely different relationship to stress.

happiness and freedom

It is possible! It is possible for you.

That’s why this course is a space to help YOU release what no longer serves you. I know that if you truly go through the lessons and are open and committed to the process, you will experience so much less stress in your life.

success is possible for you

Can you really make stress work FOR you rather than AGAINST you? YES

Truthfully, when I work with clients, they rarely say “can you help me with my stress?”

Most of us focus on wanting to change the symptoms of the underlying stress and aren’t taught to identify the true stressors…so we walk around dealing with it all the time.

Know this. That underlying stress is simply mismanaged energy. When you understand how to recognize it, you can actually turn things around and flip the stress into energy that better serves you.

That’s when you see miracles start happening!

stress is simply mismanaged energy

What People Say about “Optimize Life” transforming stress to more success

Read more about my “Own Miracle”

Let me tell you how applying the skills I’ll be teaching you in this course took me from someone who could only dream of coaching and working with others, to the person I am today.

Traveling, meeting clients from around the world, and teaching to hundreds from the stage.

I don’t say that lightly either. My whole life, I’ve known that I’m meant to help others.

I’ve been drawn to coaching and facilitating since I can remember. I always found myself in the role of mentor to so many in completely different walks of life.

But…I couldn’t quite find the confidence to share my voice outside of the very familiar circle of people who already knew me well.

When it came to teaching, speaking on stage, and putting my message out there

I held back.

I came up with all the reasons I wasn’t ready, why others wouldn’t want to hear from me, and why I had to have everything just perfect enough before launching.

The underlying stressors were self-doubt and fear. My response was to procrastinate, spending more time revising my never-ending plans, strategies, and to-do lists, rather than connecting with the people I knew I could serve.

What changed?

I noticed the pattern of stress. I became aware of my triggers, my thoughts, my beliefs, my habits, and my physiological responses.

revising never-ending plans

I applied the very skills I teach clients (and teach you in this course) to flip that stress around and use it as energy to help me do what needed to be done.

I transformed fear into courage.
I practiced.
I took daily steps.
I held myself accountable.

And just a few short years later, here I am today speaking on stage to rooms full of people, seeing my dream unfold!

There is no such thing as “this is just the way it is.” You get to have more control over your life than that. It starts by going within, digging deeper, and finding your power to face the things that may have seemed insurmountable.

Are you ready to transform your stress into success?  TESTIMONIALS/REVIEWS LINK

Presenting in Tel Aviv

What dreams are you still holding out for? What if you could change that and realize them now? 

Here’s the thing…

Yes, there’s so much advice out there about how to deal with stress. Most of it focuses on how to react to stress as it’s already happening. Some of it is very generalized to approach stress as an emotion.

What’s truly missing is the whole mind-body approach and connecting that to real life.

Stress isn’t just something you feel on an emotional level. 

It’s in your body, in your thoughts, in your lifestyle, and in your circumstances.

It affects your self-esteem, your physiology, your confidence, your energy, your relationships, your career, and so much more.

Healing and transforming your relationship to stress isn’t something you can put on a checklist.

I’ve seen what’s on the market. I know what I wish had been available to me when I was going through some of my hardest experiences.

realise your dreams

That’s why I created this whole approach to optimizing your life by transforming stress into success. 

All of this is available to you in a comprehensive online course format. Once you enroll, you’ll be given complete membership to the entire course! You’ll be guided through each module by professional video lessons, transcripts for your notes, and detailed PDFs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources does the course include?

Within each module, there are video lessons and downloadable PDFs and audios. Each PDF offers practical activities that you can do now to start seeing real changes take place

  • Lifetime access to the 11 video lessons
  • Downloadable audios of all the lessons
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • I am also here to support questions by email so no one is ever alone in this journey.

What can I expect from the course?

The course is made up of 3 modules with each module having video lessons ,downloadable PDF’s and Audio’s of the lessons

Module 1 Foundations of Stress – This module will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become much more self-aware of your personal relationship to stress, the stressors that come up in your life, and the strategies to cope that work best for you based on your personality type

Module 2 Consciousness & Mindfulness – You are going to learn the really important benefits of training your mind and body to become more present, conscious, and aware throughout the day as a way to naturally alleviate stress, & increase your resilience to stressors

Module 3 Self-Awareness Tools – In this module, you are going to learn and implement key self-awareness tools. These tools will empower you to take back responsibility for how you interact with and respond to stressors . As a result, you’ll be able to make clear, concise, and mutually beneficial decisions in your life and in your career

What if I can’t get started right now?

No problem. When you purchase this course, you get lifetime access

Is there any 1-on-1 support?

You will have access to my private email. I also offer personalized 1-1 coaching packages and support as well, so you will always have an accountability partner

Is there a refund policy?

In accordance with standard practice for online digital sales and our terms of sale, we are unable to refund any payment after any purchase is made. This no-refund policy is a result of the non-returnable nature of digital products. HOWEVER, refund requests are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion

Refund requests if any must be made with 48 hours of your original purchase