How to Stop Stress Eating 

           Nutritional Therapy

Your 7 Step Process to Break Free from Stress Eating, Binge Eating, and Overeating.

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Is this your challenge?

  • Are you trying to stop stress eating, but you have such a busy and demanding schedule that you are struggling to maintain a healthy balanced diet or lifestyle?
  • Have you have ever been triggered by certain behaviors that keep self-sabotaging your health goals so you feel like giving up and eating everything and anything that feels off-limits?
  • Do you find yourself not able to manage or lose weight because you’re snacking when feeling upset, emotional, stress eating even when not physically hungry?
  • Are you frustrated with dieting and all diets and wish you had the willpower to stick with them?
  • Do you find yourself often eating, finishing a bag of snacks while sitting on the sofa, and not realizing you’ve finished the whole thing?
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If so, you’re not alone, and there’s a good chance that you have experienced emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating, overeating or even undereating. There’s nothing wrong with you–you just don’t know the strategies to fix it.

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Here’s what doesn’t work

  • Going on the latest diet fad
  • Getting down on yourself and feeling like a loser
  • Trying to use willpower to stop the cravings
  • Extreme exercise, and unless you are a professional athlete, it is not sustainable and a minimal effort won’t burn enough calories to keep off the weight
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So, how do you deal with stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, and overeating? Or the deeper underlying reasons driving the desire to eat, even when your body isn’t hungry?

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How to Stop Stress Eating 

Nutritional Therapy

Your 7 Step Process to Break Free from Stress Eating, Binge Eating, and Overeating

This program has the structure and tools to guide you through your own transformation to develop healthy habits, so you can get started living life the way you want to feel NOW, not years from now. It is a systematic step-by-step plan using the best of mind & science techniques, resulting in the most long-term sustainable approach to effect real and permanent change

Each module is structured with videos, audios, written summaries, and downloadable resources you can print and go through at your own pace. It also includes bonus content that offers practical tools for implementing these strategies into your daily life for a sustainable result.

Modules Include

1. Where is your attention?

You will become more awake to who you are, you’ll recognize how your thoughts have been impacting your choices with food, and begin to make some of the most important shifts in your thoughts in order to start changing your actions and transforming how you experience, food, your body, and your life.

2. More mindfulness with kindness and compassion.

You will learn unique ways to shift how you eat forever by implementing mindfulness into your eating habits and doing so from the lens of kindness and compassion. Mastery over the mind is first and foremost to achieving greater transformation in life.

3. Embodied empowerment.

You’ll shift to become more self-aware and connected to your body. You’ll learn powerful embodiment practices that not only change how you feel in your body, but also have a major impact on how you eat, digest, and burn calories.

4. Know your triggers.

You will become much more self-aware about what specifically triggers you and certain behaviors. From there, you will learn how to finally take back authority over how you respond to your triggers.

5. What am I really craving?

You will have a clearer understanding of your cravings and which ones actually serve you and how to use those cravings to help you on this journey to ending emotional eating, binge eating, and overeating.

6. Willpower myth to lose weight.

Discover how willpower is not a factor in ending emotional eating, binge eating, and overeating. Instead, you’ll learn much smarter, long term strategies, and how to let go of the willpower myth once and for all.

7. Pleasure and celebration.

You will get to do the awesome work of reclaiming powerful pleasure and celebration in your life as a way to continue to find joy in the journey and receive more sustainable results. You will learn to celebrate each and every success.

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In addition, you get these three bonuses

Bonus One

Stress Management Resource

Use this bonus resource as a guiding post to have more say in how you relieve your life of unneeded stress–and also how you respond to stressors that may not always be within your control. View videos examples.

Bonus Two

Living a Stress-free Lifestyle by Creating Nourishing Habits

Your habits create a lifestyle. If you’re experiencing stress and unwanted behaviors with food, it’s very effective to take a close look at the habits that are a big part of your life. This resource will guide you into habits that nourish you, rather than leave you feeling deprived.

Bonus Three

Easy Approaches to Meal Prep

This resource will give you practical ways to make meal prep less of a chore and more of a way of living.