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Perhaps you can. There are always a few people who have enough insights, focus, and clarity to course correct on their own. However, the vast majority of people need guidance from someone that has experience and authority to guide you along your path to optimize your skills and maximize your potential.

A coach will help you to gain the skills to understand the steps required to see your vision in a clear and logical manner. You will be assisted along your journey with strategies and tools to implement in your daily life to reach your desired goals.

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No, approaches may differ considerably. Some coaches do not identify the root cause, are not “kind” or have the experience or knowledge to really make a difference. Many use older approaches that don’t leverage the best of mind and science to create new healthy habits that will create a sustainable balance. At Nourishment Vitality Coaching you will have a shame-free, non -judgmental space where you can heal through the power of being seen, and by letting go of what no longer serves you.

Sessions are held either in person or online via Skype or Zoom. Sessions are normally held weekly, or according to what is individually required. All clients have access to me via email between sessions.

At Nourishment Vitality Coaching we offer easy to follow, step by step plans specifically designed to make sure that you can achieve that balance that you need even in an unbalanced life. This will result in you finding an approach that works for you so you can thrive. You will also have an accountability partner to help keep you on track.

Eating less, exercising more is short term and more than likely the weight will come back. Your new approach addresses it holistically. It may include changes to diet, increased physical activity, and movement, but also a way of looking at the problem and yourself differently, which creates a long-term sustainable approach.

Picture This


You are feeling trapped in a space that appears to be closing in on you. You have nowhere to turn to, no one to speak with and voice your feelings and concerns. Every day is a never-ending cycle of frustration and you have no idea’s on how to break this cycle of disappointment. You have tried so many approaches on your own and nothing is working.

So, you get home from another long busy day stressed out and you know your “next shift “is about to begin. Family, cleaning, dinner – the list is endless. All you can think of is going into the freezer and finishing off those last 2 tubs of ice-cream and then some. You do this every night until it is now a habit.

Your clothes are feeling tight, you’re feeling sluggish, and you have brain fog. You feel like a willpower weakling. You think of yet another diet!! You are back there again, stressing out!!!

Lady crying in her hands from lack of weight loss


Life With Nourishment Vitality Coaching…

You take a deeper dive and experience the magic of a breakthrough and shape shift your old thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. You have new tools and techniques on how to cope with stress, your life, and your weight. And this time the weight comes off physically and mentally …and stays off.

You wake up refreshed with a good night’s stress-free sleep. There’s a spring in your step, looking forward to the office, going to the beach in your new swimsuit, or even doing chores around the house.

Life is good!!!

Lady on the beach in her happy place after weight loss

What’s Next

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