Stop Stress Eating with Nutritional Therapy

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Constantly looking in the mirror?

 Finding temporary relief in overeating?

Cultivate healthy and balanced habits!

Now more than ever is the time to take better care of health & wellbeing   
It is time for another approach !!!

Break free from the stress of emotional eating habits!

  • Have such a stressful and demanding schedule that makes it challenging to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle?
  • Ever been triggered by certain behaviors that numb emotions which have now led to eating everything and anything that felt off-limits?
  • Often finishing a bag of snacks while sitting on the sofa and not realizing that the whole thing is finished?
  • Frustrated with meal planning and wishing for more willpower?

If so, join the club. There’s a good chance, like so many of us that we have experienced emotional eating, binge eating, or overeating. There’s nothing wrong. There just haven’t been smarter strategies offered.

Here’s what doesn’t work

  • Going on another fad or quick fix
  • Getting frustrated
  • Getting trapped in unhealthy eating habits and patterns
  • Trying to use all the willpower to stop the cravings

Unfortunately, many of these singular approaches are not sustainable

Here’s the deal with stress eating, binge eating, and overeating

The deeper underlying reasons driving the desire to eat, even when the body isn’t hungry, overrides the cognitive part of the brain creating a powerful behavior cycle.

We understand that we shouldn’t be doing it because ultimately it doesn’t feel good, but we keep doing it.

There’s a logical reason why the brain does this though, and it is something that can change once becoming more aware of the reason why we personally are experiencing this struggle with self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealthy choices.

When learning the key phases to break this cycle – from understanding triggers, living in the moment, developing thought awareness, and more –  Get ready to finally stop these stress patterns in its tracks and experience more long-lasting results.

That’s why I created – Nutritional Therapy-How to Stop Stress Eating

I created this course on stress eating, emotional eating, overeating, and binge eating due to my own struggles with unhealthy habits for so many decades.

This was my greatest challenge.

Watch the video to hear more about this course

So, while it is a program that is normally offered at a higher price point of  $695,
I am making it available for just  $147 a 79% discount “for a limited period only “

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About Nourishment Vitality

Nourishment Vitality is a 360 health & wellness platform specializing in stress, anxiety & holistic weight management . We bridge the gap between prevention & stress-induced health conditions . Our online courses empower through education & enable sustainable transformation

Hi, I’m Sheryl Puterman, Founder and CEO of Nourishment Vitality. I am an internationally trained and certified Mind Body Nutrition & Wellness Practioner. 

I work with some of the most common challenges with food, stress, and body including, binge eating, overeating, body image, stress relief management, and various nutrition-related health concerns.

Working together, we bring together the science of nutrition and psychology creating real breakthroughs and shifts in mindset.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to speak on stages, to facilitate many group workshops, and to work one-on-one with individuals in my practice. This has been a part of helping me to learn so much about what we all collectively experience with our struggles with stress & food, and key strategies to transform one’s relationship with stress, food, and body.

With Jillian Michaels, TV personality, health & fitness guru – California Anaheim

With Dr. Phil McGraw– TV personality & America’s most popular psychologist and lifestyle strategist- Anaheim, California

Tel Aviv Israel

So, while it is a program that is normally offered at a higher price point of  $695,
I am making it available for just  $147 a 79% discount “for a limited period only “

100% Secure Checkout

In times of stress and uncertainty, I often found myself turning to food for comfort and for emotional reasons, even when I wasn’t physically hungry.

Food was my go-to tonic and temporary relief to cope. I would feel down, unable to focus, checked out, and even trapped when I thought I was being “bad.” I was only uplifted when I thought I was being “good.” I thought I just needed a little more willpower to get it right…but that never worked.

It was something I was so embarrassed about and didn’t want to share with anyone. I felt ashamed. I thought something must be wrong with me.

Because of my experience and what I learned through my own transformation and work, I strongly believe we need a shame-free approach to our stress, life, and eating challenges. It’s shame that keeps us stuck.

It took me time to truly break from my own troubling relationship with unhealthy habits and behaviors. I didn’t have this kind of structure and guidance at that time, and I know it would’ve saved me years of trouble if I had.

That’s why I wanted to put together this program – to create something that has the structure and tools to guide one through their own transformation and to help do so more efficiently, so that it’s possible to get started living life the way we want to feel NOW, not years from now.

It was only through a commitment to doing the inner work covered in this course that I found a way out and really began to shift in my beliefs and actions. Today I have a healthy & balanced lifestyle with less stress, that I appreciate and respect.

It is possible! It is possible for anyone.
That’s why this course is a space to help release old patterns and behaviors.


How can I cultivate healthier food habits and how quickly? I’m looking for results.

It depends on current age, food habits, current metabolism, and if there are any unusual food issues. The key is to not only too break the unhealthy cycle but also to learn how to truly course correct.

I have been on so many programs, but the challenges just keep coming back–why is this program different?

This new approach addresses it holistically. It may include changes to eating patterns, increased physical activity, and movement, but also a way of looking at the problem differently, which creates a long-term sustainable approach.

Willpower – I am a willpower weakling and can’t stick to healthy habits.

This is very common. Willpower won’t answer why we eat the way we eat, why we behave the way we behave, we need something bigger to sustain transformation. That’s what we address.

So, while it is a program that is normally offered at a higher price point of  $695,
I am making it available for just  $147 a 79% discount “for a limited period only”

100% Secure Checkout

I know that by truly going through the lessons and being open and committed to the process will lead to an experience of transformation in how to eat and feel about food choices.

Here’s what can be  expected from the course

Module 1-Where is our attention: become more awake to who we are, recognize how thoughts have been impacting choices with food, and begin to make some of the most important shifts in thoughts in order to start changing actions and transforming our experiences with food, body, and life.

Module 2-More mindfulness with kindness and compassion: learn unique ways to shift how to eat by implementing mindfulness into eating habits and doing so from the lens of kindness and compassion. Mastery over the mind is first and foremost to achieving greater transformation in life.

Module 3-Embodied empowerment: shift to become more self-aware and connected to the body. Learn powerful embodiment practices that not only change how we feel in our bodies, but also have a major impact on eating, digestion, and burning calories.

Module 4 – Know what triggers: become much more self-aware about what specifically triggers us, and certain behaviors. From there, we will learn how to finally take back authority over responding to triggers.

Module 5-What am I really craving:  have a clearer understanding of cravings and using those cravings to help on this journey to ending emotional eating, binge eating, and overeating.

Module 6-Willpower myth: discover how willpower is not a factor in ending stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, and overeating. Instead, learn much smarter, long term strategies, and how to let go of the willpower myth once and for all.

Module 7-Pleasure and celebration: get to do the awesome work of reclaiming powerful pleasure and celebration in life, and continue to find joy in the journey and receive more sustainable results. Learn to celebrate each and every success.

So, while it is a program that is normally offered at a higher price point of  $695,
I am making it available for just $147 a 79% discount “for a limited period only “

100% Secure Checkout

There’s more:

I’ve also included some Bonus Content normally taught in my other programs or shared with private clients:

Bonus One

Stress Management Resource

Use this bonus resource as a guiding post to have more say in relieving a life of unneeded stress – and how to respond to stressors that may not always be within our control.

Bonus Two

Living a Stress-free Lifestyle by Creating Nourishing Habits

Habits create a lifestyle. If experiencing stress and unwanted behaviors with food, it’s very effective to take a close look at the habits that are a big part of one’s life. This resource will be a guide into habits that nourish, rather than leaving one feeling deprived.

Bonus Three

Easy Approaches to Meal Prep

Oftentimes people say it’s the getting started part of a healthy journey that’s the hardest. While it is true that making the decision to start living a healthier life and following through is difficult, sticking to it is even harder. With all the on the go options or meals today, it can be difficult to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle when it comes to nutrition.

This resource gives practical ways to make meal prep less of a chore and more of a way of living.


I am a medical doctor, wellness coach, and corporate executive and I had the pleasure of going through Sheryl Puterman’s “Healthy & Balanced Eating Habits – Your 7 Phase Process to Break Free from Stress Eating, Overeating, and Binge Eating”. I found the program extremely informative, insightful, and full of practical exercises that can be easily implemented. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is experiencing challenges both with their relationship to food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Dr. Len Walt MD, MBA   Canada

This course has not only changed my thought patterns, but I have learned how to cope with stress. I am now making a lifestyle change .Super course with great value.
Jenny P   U.K

A friend recommended Sheryl for my struggles with binge eating. I started seeing her on a weekly basis. I felt that she instantly understood my struggles and we began tackling issues head-on and I was provided with practical tips right away.
… She’s just amazing and I highly recommend her

H.Z Israel

So, while it is a program that is normally offered at a higher price point of  $695,
I am making it available for just $147 a 79% discount “for a limited period only”

100% Secure Checkout

What resources does the course include?

  • Lifetime access to the 7 modules of video lessons
  • Downloadable audios of the 7 module lessons
  • Downloadable transcripts of the 7 modules
  • Downloadable PDF’s including journaling prompts and worksheets
  • 3 Bonus resources
  • I am also here to support questions by email so no-one is ever alone in this journey.
  • Access to a private community support group.