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Many employees practice unhealthy habits at home which they, in turn, bring into the workspace. This creates a collective unhealthy office culture and environment. From this fast food, vending machine, and junk food culture, an unhealthy and stressful work environment is created. Do you really believe this is the best environment to create a thriving and successful corporate culture delivering optimum results?

Research continues to show that there are multiple benefits for staff by engaging in corporate wellness programs. This research shows that these programs promote a happier and healthier workforce which relates to an increased bottom-line. Now that is one very important factor.

The programs are interactive, engaging and most importantly practical to implement.
They range from two to three-hour sessions through to full-day or two-day workshops, specifically designed to meet your company’s requirements. They are either presented as a onetime event or in a series.

Picture This


It’s an absolutely crazy day at the office. Sales are down and your sales and marketing team are at each other’s throats. You haven’t eaten all day except for cookies and coffee. Your inbox looks higher than Mt Everest–and it’s only midweek.

So, you get home and know your “next shift “is about to begin. Family, cleaning, dinner–the list is endless. All you can think of is going into the freezer and finishing off those last 2 tubs of ice-cream and then some. You do this every night until it is now a habit.

Your clothes are feeling tight, you’re feeling sluggish, and you have brain fog. You feel like a willpower weakling. You think of yet another diet!!

You are back there again, stressing out!!!

Lady crying in her hands from lack of weight loss


Life With Nourishment Vitality Coaching…

The office dynamic has shifted and there is communication and clarity between employees and departments. Positive momentum is great and you are up to date with your workload and the pressure is manageable.

You have experienced the magic of a breakthrough and shapeshift of your old thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. And this time the weight mentally and physically has come off…and stays off.
You wake up refreshed with a good night’s stress-free sleep. There’s a spring in your step, looking forward to the office, and the day ahead.
Life is good!!!

Lady on the beach in her happy place after weight loss

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