nature and stress management

Nature is a Great Stress Reliever

Nature is a great stress reliever & is such an important concept in today’s times of chaos and uncertainty.

We live in an age when stress seems to be around every corner. The demands of modern life require us to be constantly “plugged in” and on high alert. You might feel as if your senses are constantly being overloaded – both at work and at home. When was the last time that you considered that nature is a great stress reliever?

At times like this, you need to slow down and re-center. We want to let you in on something – the greatest, most accessible, universal stress reliever is nature. Keep reading to learn why you should take some time out of your busy day to immerse yourself in nature and how each season of the year offers its own unique brand of nourishment.


1. Winter

In the winter, we can get energized by walking in brisk and cool temperatures. It can feel

invigorating and refreshing to battle the elements, helping to relieve our stress levels in the


winter stress

2. Spring

In the spring, we can freely enjoy the true riches of nature. Tap into the scent of flowers just

beginning to bloom. Center yourself amongst the magic and wonder you experience in seeing

the birth of a new season. Appreciating the beauty that surrounds us can be incredibly soothing

and replenish our energies while melting stress away. Don’t forget to “stop and smell the roses.”


3. Summer

Summertime is when nature is at its most vibrant point. Enjoying the scent of the freshly cut

grass and watching trees gently waving in the summer breeze is a powerful stress reliever. We

recommend you revel in the sun’s rays or enjoy the refreshing mist of a summer shower. Just a

few minutes outdoors can reduce our stress levels dramatically.


4. Autumn

In autumn, the multi-colored wonders of trees & the crunch of leaves under our feet

can be incredibly grounding. By experiencing the raw, real-time beauty of nature in all its

forms, we become more relaxed and better able to take on life’s challenges.


5. Year-round

There are countless outdoor activities we can engage in. Hiking, skiing, bird watching,

gardening, a game of frisbee, drawing, painting, journaling, and more can serve as tremendous

mood boosters. Taking action to decrease your stress levels and ground yourself in the present

moment will do so much for your overall health & well-being long-term. What truly feeds us is

the extent to which we nourish ourselves physically, spiritually & emotionally. When the chaos of

life becomes too much, take a step back and insert yourself into nature. It really is that simple.




nature ,the great de-stressor

As we can now see, nature is a great stress reliever and offers such a feast for the senses, enjoying the outdoors can bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to our lives that few other things can. You might be surprised by how therapeutic nature can be. It can reawaken your senses, allowing you to see things you might have missed before.


Nature is a  great stress reliever & can demonstrate to you the beauty of creation and give you a renewed vitality for life. It can provide you with a welcome sanctuary from the world of blaring stereos and non-stop TV chatter. Even if you don’t consider yourself a nature lover, brief periods outdoors can give you a new sense of purpose.

At the very least, your ability to handle stress will be enhanced. In essence, spending a few moments outdoors is like taking a mini-vacation from the rigors of your daily life.

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