The Masks We Wear

Years ago I studied makeup artistry. I learned the tools and skills to create optical illusions using makeup & the masks we wear.
While browsing through my album, I came across some of my old favorites. It got me thinking about the masks we put on in our everyday lives.

We all wear masks of one kind or another; a persona that hides our deepest thoughts and feelings. The masks we wear are the untainted and controlled faces we show the world.

Sometimes we put on a smile when we’re sad.
Sometimes we pretend to know the answers when we don’t have a clue.
Or we want to look strong when in fact we feel weak.

In truth, masks are the faces of our fears.
They are the cover-ups of our emotional wounds.
Our shields.

Whenever we choose to mask the truth of who we truly are, we’re fitting ourselves into society’s narrative that we’re never enough.

We’ll keep changing who we are to meet others’ expectations for who they need us to be. We’re hungry for validation.

Over time, we feel more alone and unable to truly connect with others.

Solution: Take the mask off!

From personal experience, emerging from the secrets of the shadows of my own past with an eating disorder, I understand how scary it can be let go of the things you used to do to hide and cope – but when you take the mask off, you finally begin to heal.

You invite people to see the real you – and I know that’s not easy to do when you’re now figuring out who that is.

But shedding your masks will set you free!!

You’ll attract the people and opportunities that are truly aligned with your uniqueness and you will have more abundance than you ever thought possible.

As Vincent Van Gogh said “I saw all the people behind their masks. I saw through them and there was suffering.”


I understand how being vulnerable is tapping into your true source of strength – you also get to choose who you share this vulnerability with.

At Nourishment Vitality Coaching, my mission is to hold space for you to break free from the masks that you wear, so you can love your life, love your body, love yourself.