declutter your mind , heart and life

How to Declutter your Mind , Heart & Life

As we change seasons and enter into a season of holidays and festivals around the world, it is time to declutter, spring-clean and let go of what no longer serves us. How can we declutter our mind, heart & life?

There is no doubt that the process of decluttering makes more room in our home or office. But what about our internal clutter? When we take stock of and begin to get rid of the mental clutter that is weighing us down, we make more room in our lives for the things that spark vitality and joy

What are we holding onto emotionally? What is holding us back and preventing us from living our best lives?

The recipe for simply being able to declutter & letting go, finding balance, and having peace of mind has 3 key ingredients.

The first ingredient is the physical ingredient.


physical clutter

Decluttering our environment is essential to both our physical and emotional well-being. When you clear the excess clutter, you will notice the positive effects it has on your mental state and overall wellness. Clutter stresses us out. The more “stuff” we have, the more reminders we have of all the things we need to do, increasing our anxiety and stress levels. Dust piling up can lead to health issues. With less clutter, you will feel physically healthier. Your productivity levels will also increase, as there will be less stuff to sift through, and you will spend less time looking for things.


The second ingredient is the relationship ingredient.


Happy Group workshop

What kind of people do you surround yourself with? Do they energize you, or do you feel drained by them? The people in your life can either uplift you or bring you down and it is up to you whether you still allow them to do so. Surround yourself with positive people that inspire you to do better and be more successful. Let go of the toxic relationships and the people in your life that make you question your abilities and self-worth.

The third ingredient is the old-belief ingredient.


release old thought and beliefs

Get rid of the old habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck. Our beliefs can be empowering or limiting. Whatever your beliefs about your abilities, be honest and ask yourself. Is this really true? Forgive your past failures and make an effort to face your fears so that you can move ahead with confidence. We become the thoughts we cling to.

Begin practicing replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

When you follow this decluttering recipe a surge of new energy and possibility will follow. You will have more time and energy to strengthen your relationship with yourself. Your space will be sacred and peaceful both internally and externally.

There is power in decluttering the unnecessary, and you will find more meaning in your days and more happiness in your soul.

In conclusion, this brings in a level of personal responsibility where you’re able to respond to whatever situation or the environment you’re in and what you’re doing about it.

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