Doing the inner work

Perhaps you have heard me say “ The only way out is in…” , but what does it mean to go within and do the inner work?

Doing the inner work is the process of getting to know yourself and paying attention to your thoughts, your feelings and your self-talk.

When we ignore our inner selves, our unhealed parts start to build up and cause imbalances in our lives. The longer we put off attending to our inner selves, the louder our physical and emotional states will scream at us, and we can become stuck.

We have all been taught how to care for ourselves externally. We bath, we brush our teeth, we feed ourselves, we exercise, but what about our inner well-being?

Inner work is really about connecting to who we truly are, and listening to our internal guidance systems about what we really need in order to feel at peace and grow. Inner work means listening in silence and acting on what you hear as you connect with your inner voice.

Doing the inner work leads to transformation. It ignites the process of letting go of all the thoughts, feelings, fears, perceptions, and doubts that negatively affect our daily lives.

When we turn our attention inwards and fine-tune our inner resonance we begin to acknowledge, see, and accept the truth about any situation. The feeling of connecting to and honoring our truth empowers us to move beyond old, non-productive patterns and behaviors. With practice, a profound sense of inner knowing and self-trust emerges.

It may sound like a lonely journey. But the deeper we delve within ourselves, we begin to crack the door open to a higher consciousness.  We begin to forgive ourselves and others and in the process, we begin to see things from a higher perspective of love and understanding. We will eventually remove ourselves from conflict and from people and situations that no longer resonate with us.

Nothing in the external world can really fulfill what we are seeking. The physical world is there for us to enjoy, but it is not the source of our joy. It serves as a mirror for us, offering a deeper understanding of our realities.

The inner work takes time. We need to be patient with ourselves and trust the process. It’s in our nature to want quick results.  We want less stress, worry, and frustration. The expectations we put on ourselves weigh us down because want to feel different instantly.  

So how do you start? Ask yourself  simple questions like -“Where do these thoughts come from?”; “Why do these thoughts make me feel this way?” ; “Why do I believe these thoughts ?” and “Are these thoughts even true?”.

I learned that it’s not about looking, but rather about feeling. It took me a long time to get comfortable with the feeling. When we allow ourselves to fully experience painful or uncomfortable feelings, we are doing work. Sitting with our feelings instead of disconnecting or distracting ourselves is work. Once we accept that we are doing work, we can silence our internal critic that believes that feeling pain means we are doing something wrong. Instead, we begin to understand that feeling our pain is important and productive.

I had to keep coming back to my desire to heal and live a joyful, passionate life. That desire has to be stronger than everything else. The journey within became my path, my calling, and my joy. The impact of this on my life has been immeasurable. It has changed how I show up for myself, for my work, and my relationships.

Take the time to reflect on who and what you are and the magic will begin! Do not wait another day to start!  All this takes courage, openness, dedication, and a supportive environment. Nourishment Vitality Coaching provides that guidance and space and would be honored to support you on your journey within.